privacy principles

We care about you and your privacy 🤗While we are creating new ways for people to connect in the physical spaces they care about, we understand the importance of allowing you to choose how your data is used and shared. To give you confidence in how we handle your data, we use the following principles to guide how we approach privacy at Ubiquity6.

You are in control of your privacy.

You are in control of your profile information, data sharing settings, and device information. This means you can control what information our application can and cannot access at any time. You are in control, and you can modify or delete any permissions and information about you, your profile, or your device at any time.

We are transparent about what data we collect and why

We tell users about the personal information we collect and help them understand how it is used, and why. Being transparent means our users always have access to that information, and that is presented in a manner that all our users are able to understand.

You own your information and creations

Your information, your creations, and your data belongs to you. You decide what you want to upload and share with others. Your data, account, and creations will always be yours and you can delete them at any time.

We build with privacy top of mind

Since we started Ubiquity6, all of our design and infrastructure choices were made with privacy top of mind. This means we partner with privacy and security experts and build that perspective into every stage of the product development, and we only collect the minimum information needed to provide our services. For example, the app only uses your camera with your permission when you’re making a capture or taking photos.

We keep your information safe

We make it a priority to keep your information safe and are committed to acting responsibly with your data. We employ physical, administrative, and technological safeguards designed to preserve the integrity and security of all your information.